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SM800 Manual Walk-Behind Sweepers

Robust, manually-operated sweeper


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The SM 800 is a walk-behind sweeper. It's ideal for limited space or congested areas.

The SM 800 picks up paper, leaves - even small screws, nails, bolts, cans, crown corks and cigarettes, etc off outdoor spaces as well as indoor floors.

It's the quick clean-up solution for warehouses, small factories, car parks, retail stores, malls, schools, hotels, office buildings, bus/railway stations, convention centres, automotive, garages and in private homes.

The very rugged corrosion proof frame makes this manual sweeper very robust. That combined with two main and side brooms, make this compact manual sweeper extremely efficient, 5 times faster than a traditional broom, saving time and costs. Furthermore, the hopper is very light, strong and equipped with a carrying handle for easy emptying.

The SM 800 sweeper keep your premises presentable without hard work.