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S2 & S3 CFM Hazardous Dust Vacuum

Hazardous Dust Vacuum

S2 CFM Haz Dust Vacuum

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CFM Model S2 is equipped with 2 bypass motors, and the CFM Model S3 is equipped with 3 bypass motors, it is easy to use thanks to the electronic board supplying real-time data about the filter efficiency, it is easy but strong. L-M-H certified for the collection of hazardous dust.

S2 & S3 is equipped with a control panel supplying real-time information about the vacuum efficiency. It is available with 40 (S2) and 50 (S3) litre containers, L-M-H certified, in stainless steel, with absolute filter HEPA H14 (for the collection of very fine or toxic dust), with nomex filter (ideal in case of collecting of hot substances), with electric filter shaker: many versions for many different needs. From today it is easier working!

S2 CFM Haz Dust Vacuum S3 CFM Hazardous Dust Vacuum